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What is CBC?

What is CBC?

Cannabichromene or CBC is a powerful non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is extracted from the hemp plant. This particular compound does not necessarily get a lot of attention but has shown to have some profound benefits. 

Like CBN, CBC is only found in small quantities and therefore more difficult to obtain from the plant. We are proud to offer the first ever CBD formulas that include large amounts of added CBC distillate. 


How our products are different

Do your research and always read the ingredients before purchasing. Other brands that claim to offer CBC oil are being misleading. Some even carry the false label “CBC Oil.”

CBD oil by default does contain a trace amount of CBC that is found naturally in the plant. However, it is only a very small amount. 

Our formulas are different in that we took the time with great expense to extract only the CBC in distillate form and add it back to the CBD broad spectrum hemp. This explains why our tinctures are priced slightly higher than other brands because we are using very expensive yet very effective ingredients. 

Why would we do this? We have found that by adding that extra CBC back into the CBD, CBD has now become super charged in its effectiveness in fighting pain and inflammation. CBC and CBC have a synergistic effect on eachother. Read more below on the science and studies focused on CBC.

We can’t wait for you to try our tinctures and notice the difference in your own health and wellness! These are our formulas that included this amazing CBC addition:

CBC Highlights


- Plays a supportive role in pain relief

- Synergistic with the other cannabinoids

- CBC greatly boosts the effectiveness of CBD

- Antidepressant effects

- Anti-Inflammatory properties

- Analgesic - pain killing properties, slightly less effective than THC but is non-psychoactive

- Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial



CBC Benefits

Plays a supportive role in pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is unique in its anti-inflammatory abilities.


CBC is anti-inflammatory using a different pathway than the other cannabinoids

It is able to block nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a major signaling molecule that induces the release of pain provoking neurotransmitters. 

CBC is able to block pro-inflammatory receptors in ways that the other cannabinoids do not.


CBC is also able to reactivate the endocannabinoid system, this could be very beneficial for neurodegenerative diseases, migraines and inflammation.


CBC is also known to stop the spread of cancerous or unhealthy cells. This could be beneficial to people with cancer and as a preventative medicine. 


CBC is known to stimulate bone growth.


Unique to CBC is it’s antidepressant effects and use as an antibiotic. 

CBC can be used for skin conditions for when it is used topically it is an antifungal and antibacterial. 


CBC has some known synergies. When combined with the terpene Limonene it is more effective as an antidepressant.


CBC when combined with caryophyllene It is more potent as an antifungal.


Links to research:

One study, published in 2011 in the British Journal of Pharmacology, found that this cannabinoid blocks pain processing in the brain in a way that is very similar to opioids and THC. 


This study suggests it may be helpful for reducing inflammation. 


Take a look at this CBC whitepaper to learn more!